“No, let me sum up…”

Since I’m on the verge of getting a mirgraine and just can’t afford it today, I’m drinking some diet Dr. Pepper and eating early.

The three day weekend was nice and relaxing. I was finally feeling better by Saturday afternoon. We went to see the 4th Highlander movie. It was good. They got rid of Connor! Woohoo! I hope they make a fifth with just Adrian Paul and more Meethos. And would you believe I’m not even a big fan of Highlander? Also had a very nice lunch at Olive Garden and DMed like a mad man.

Had some ideas for the story I was writing before I fell asleep last night: A scene in Joanne’s past where her teacher give her her name, she seems to have some inkling of what Joanne’s “potential” is. Scene of Joanne on the dance floor with flashbacks to what happened at her recital. Scene of Nathan confronting Joanne. Still don’t quite know how I want it to end. (Sorry, I gotta keep notes to myself somewhere, might as well be here.)

Dream last night, although (and yes it sounds weird) I’m not sure how much a dream it was. It was one of those sleep paralysis things. I’ve (yes it sound weird) usually associated that with out of body experiences. Well in this one I was as usually physically unable to move, but laying there in bed. Next to me in bed was some thing flailing around making odd growling noises. Now, it might be, since I was thinking about my story which is about a were-cat right before I fell a sleep, a dream just influenced by certain thoughts. But I swear I was waking up from one of those dreams and for a while was confused as to what was going on. I was trying to wake up the thing beside me, but couldn’t do anything and paniced. I woke up (?) (was suddenly able to move again) with a shout. Now (and yes I know it sounds weird) also have another theory about the whole deal. It was an OBE-type of thing and what was in bed next to me was the sleeping consciousness for my husband. He has said before that his dreams are rather frantic, sometimes violent, and as much as he kicks and talks in his sleep, I’d believe it. Of course, maybe *my* mind thought of that while dreaming. Or maybe it was just because I had had a bunch of caffine and then a shot of vodka…too many chemicals running riot in the brain. Who knows?

Speaking of chemicals going awry, yep, definitely a migraine coming. I got a big old sparkly thing in my eye…

And now that you think I’m a total flaky weirdo…


5 thoughts on ““No, let me sum up…”

      1. Re: writing and migraines

        Funny, caffeine seems to help me.

        My dear friend, who on livejournal goes by ‘pageeater’ (although on her page she is ‘Rune’) is also a writer. We met 26 years ago, and both lived in the Bay Area until 1992 when my family moved to Eugene, Oregon. But she and I are in touch by phone and email virtually every day.

        We were on the telephone last night, and the internet, and she was showing me around livejournal. We searched for ‘writers’, one of our common interests, and last night, only four names came up, and you were one of them. Of the four, your site interested us both–and none of the others did.

        If you are open to occasional responses, let me know. Don’t want to be intrusive, but I am always interested to meet other writers.

  1. don’t you just love it when the sparkly things fill your entire field of view and you can’t see. Sometimes I get groovy sparkly things that move around and change shades. Neat.

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