Not quite Hoody-Hoo yet

Two good things:

One: I got an e-mail saying one of my short stories made the short list for publication in Black Rose magazine! If it makes the cut, it will be the first time I will be *paid* for a piece of writing.

Two: Getting closer to that trip back to Nebraska. I talked to Eric on the phone about setting a date for it while he was at work and we decided. All that’s left is getting a “yes” from his boss and buying the plane tickets.


4 thoughts on “Not quite Hoody-Hoo yet

  1. pre-congrats

    I’ll keep a bright light burning for you, re your story. i write also – novels – never published. been working on a memoir for five years. on my final revision (3rd) – once that’s complete (380 pages) I’ll attempt to agent it out. Never tried before. About time.

    like your icon too. waterhouse, isn’t it? i’m new to this form of journaling but i’m loving it.

    1. Re: pre-congrats

      Good luck! It took me about two years to finish my novel. ATM, I’m sending it out on my own. I’ll see about an agent in another year or so.

      Yup, Waterhouse’s Miranda.

      I’ve never been a good journal writer, so this is kind of an experiment for me. If anything, it’ll be a nice big notebook that won’t get pop spilt on it!

      1. Re: pre-congrats

        so much to talk about but i won’t even try to start here. so many questions…so many curiousities about your writing. live journaling is a new game for me – very different from page journaling. check out *judas* in santa cruz. he questioned, yesterday, why some push the delete button. also, he’s funny. he’s also “most-honored son.” *she bows now*
        permission to add you to my friends list? (courtesy beyond measure)

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