SNARL, or watch out everyone, Katherine’s venting

I’m annoyed. Once again I am annoyed by a publisher…

Okay, I got a skinny little SASE which usually means one thing: there’s one sheet of paper in the envelope and it’s a rejection. Now that bothers me only a little. This is the sixth rejection I’ve gotten for Lucinda in the year I’ve been peddling her. Rejections are never fun to get, but damn it! I go jumping through hoops, *agonizing* over every detail when I send out proposals. At the very least, why can’t I get something back from publishers that took an iota of brain power to put together?

I understand that publishers are often snowed under with work. I understand that they rely on form letters to save time. But…GRRR!

The letter I got was so form-y it’s addressed to “Author or Agent.” Heaven forbid having two form letters. But then again I’m sure since I’m not a solicited author they didn’t even take the time to realize which (Author or Agent) I was. And then–this really kills me–the form letter is dated May 28, 1999! I didn’t even send my proposal to them until July 21, 2000… They don’t even have WORKS for their form letters which automatically prints out a letter with todays date?

It hurts even more when I think that this publisher, when I first started writing Lucinda, had an open call for new authors. Now they are the same as every other huge-ass conglomerate.

*much grinding of teeth*


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