Thursday? *sigh*

I tried the thing last night. Who mentioned the thing? (I tried going back through the entries but with the annoying headache I have I lost patience.) The thing where a person thinks back through the day, in reverse, before they go to sleep at night. I did it last night and I like it. It gave a nice closure to the day just looking back at what happened. Made me re-appriciate things, like eating my pumpkin pie at lunch. Anyway, a cool thing.

Wasn’t feeling like doing aerobics so I did 20 min yoga, slow-practiced kickboxing kicks, and did weights, with the understanding that I *will* do some cleaning today. It’s cold! I’m going to have to start turning on the heat when I do my yoga. It’s strange to have this autumnal cold even with several days of rain, but not have the trees losing their leaves. In fact, everything is starting to look springy again. Magnolias being sold a K-Mart.

Got another 600 words or so done on “Marie” previously known as “the other project”. I told Eric I had been working on her and he just laughed. I’m going to need his help closing out the plot, but he’ll rise to the occasion. *yawn* I’m really, actually, excited about writing. (despite the yawn…I’m just tired)

What I’m not excited about is working on the Rifts campaign. Okay check out this analogy: the Rift’s campaign is like bowing without the automatic pin setter-upper-thing. I take all the time, pains-taking, to set up all the pins exactly, precisely, equal distance apart and conformed correctly. Just to have it bowled over in a few seconds. Beating my head against a wall seems to be more productive. And yet through it all I seem to entertain the bowler.

I think I’ve become a certified caffine addict again. I’m carving coffee.


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