Packed up “Lucinda” all 284 pages of her and took her down to the post office. I was prepared to swaddle her up and send my first born off to NY. But I couldn’t find anything there that seemed suitable. There’s these nice heavy envelopes for 2# packages, but they were too small. Lucinda is a whopping 3#, would you believe it! Then there’s these nice roomy envolpes, but they are little more than paper and I’m not sure I trust them to hold up. I’m sure I don’t have anything around here that’s suitable either. I could walk to Target and look for something, but I just don’t want too. *sigh* The post office was busy too. Maybe I should just wait until January. I still need to send my brother’s present. I’ve been waiting with it to see if I wanted to send the T-shirts I’ve promised my parents. I should start Christmas cards too… For all my Christmas spirit, I’m sure I won’t get anything done until past by birthday.


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  1. send it out

    Send that puppy out. Don’t wait a moment. Find some corrugated cardboard to stiffen the envelope and protect the manuscript, and get it in the mail.

  2. I agree!

    Wave that baby good-bye!
    And for the next time…
    Pick up an issue of Poets and Writers Mag.
    In the back you’ll find Manuscript boxes advertised…two in one…One self addressed, the other to the agent/publisher. You send in one..they can return in the other. If you can’t find the ad, I can send you the particulars.
    Power on, Girl!!!

    1. Re: I agree!

      Yes! There is such a thing as a manuscript box!
      Thank you!

      And thank you everyone for your support. I’m so nervous about this! I still think I might want to wait until after the holidays though. The post office was packed and I have a feeling that editors might be a little more impatient then usual around this time of the year.

      1. Re: I agree!

        Hmmm…this I do not know…about the mails…the pile up’s on editor’s/readers desks. This is a new world for me…I, myself, will look for an agent…not a publisher, when I’m ready. Not sure why. Just feels kinda right to me.
        But you’re the first kid on my block with a manuscript signed, sealed and sent out. Though we’ve never person…I am so proud of you, Katen. And I am as excited as you are about this Moment. *smile*

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