Hmm… I have written two paragraphs. And maybe some editing. In all 300 words. It’s like pulling teeth today, I tell ya. But at least I’m not totally dejected by the lack of solid progress as I was yesterday. Action bits are so hard for me to write. Give me two ppl in a room…no problemo. Dialogue, emotion, fireworks. Make one of them walk to the grocery store… Teeth pulling time.

I’m filling in the part before Marie meets Neltiar. I want to get it done today, so I think I will be avoiding the MUD. After i get that part done…dunno what next. An article by Richard Laymon said you should stop writing for the day when you have something else to write. So you can get right back in it the next day. Although I think I left the two off in the middle of a conversation anyway…

Yeah! Finally got Gypsy downloaded!


One thought on “

  1. Writing

    My dear Katen-

    I just wanted to let you know that I do find your devotion to your craft- even on the ‘pulling teeth’ days- an absolute inspiration.

    Good for you-

    Warm thoughts,


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