Warning: More rambling ahead…

I wonder if the pacing of what I’m writing is too slow. I’ve been writing 1000 words per day and doing about a scene per word. (I’m letting the rejection I got this morning affect me. One of their criticisms was that my pacing was too slow. I should have sent them the cut version of the piece though I think the uncut is better.) How much detail is too much for a novel? My thoughts when writing Lucinda were go until you think there is too much and then go a little farther. But, I don’t know. That was when I was switching from writing short stories to writing something novel length. Do people have patience for that sort of detail? I’m always bugged when someone sees a movie and says, “Oh it was just too slow.” And I say, “No it was just well told.” I’ll just go with the advice of “write what you’d like to read” for now I guess. I’d love to just be immersed in the characters and settings of a book. It doesn’t happen often enough.

Reading at the moment: The Haunted. A supposedly real-life account of a demon infestation. I’m a sucker for “real” paranormal. I’m actually surprised at how scary it isn’t. I’m not saying that if the things that were happening in the book were happening to me I wouldn’t be scared shitless; I’m just saying as reading material, it’s not knocking my socks off.

And what’s the deal with everyone on Napster downloading from me today? It’s not like I got a fast connection!

Moving on from Chopin to Eroica Symphony by Beethoven. Wrote a paper on the second and third movements of Eroica in college. Useless trivia: in the movie Psycho, it’s the record found in Norman Bates bedroom. Never could quite figure out why it was there though. Something Normy found empowering? Dunno…

Okay, gonna check the mail now and stop rambling.


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