I’m awake I guess. I ended up being up until 3am MUDing. I hadn’t been on in quite a while and I gotta say I’m not pleased with the changes they’ve made since I’ve been gone. So my playing time will continue to go down unless Ingrid or Adnarel really want me to play and I’m not in the middle of something else.

Got a whopping 1800 words done yesterday! A personal record, I do believe. I’m not going to get near that today. I’m starting a new chapter and haven’t got a good clue on it yet. Eric read yesterday and offered a few suggestions about Neltiar. In all reality, Neltiar was his character, but I think he enjoys the liberties I’ve taken with him. I am going to change one thing, but not today. I don’t want to restructure today. Honestly I don’t wanna do any thing, just mull…

Hungry… I want breakfast food, but have none. If anything, I really should pump some coffee into my cold bod.


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