Eric came home just in time for my to cry. Ug. We brainstormed a bit on my idea for Marie and now I’m feeling a little better. Took some shoddy notes on it. Turns out that Eric won’t know if he’s taking next week off until next week. I think I need a vacation more than he does. I was hoping it would serve as a good time to iron out some problems with this book. Okay, first I have to convince him that there is a problem and then get his brain working with solutions. He had to go back to work today in the middle of a good brainstorming session and ended up calling me from work to tell me about ideas he had during the drive back.

My brain feels fragmented. One part here, one part over there under the couch, another bit wedged up by the ceiling fan. I think I’ll go exercise and then take a nice shower. *Yay! The shower works!* Then come back and start again.

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  1. Katherine Nabity Post author

    My stomach just reminded me that I haven’t eaten yet. Yes, it has been one of those kinds of days.
    And btw…my computer clock is about a half hour slow.

  2. mumblebee

    that sandwich contained my whole heritage.

    i love that you love natalie goldberg! i thought that there had to be someone else on here that did. she’s fantastic. i know just about all of long quiet highway, stamped on my scalp or behind my knees, embedded. half-funny story: my mom aquired a copy of long quiet highway, on audio tape. i had somekind of notion about her, some element of elegance or something. she has the most new york-ish accent i’ve ever heard!! her ‘a’s are very long and nasal.

    i’m but a wee 18 year old writer, dreaming about what i’m going to do with my next seventy+ years. best of luck with your career/life.



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