Monthly Archives: April 2001


I’m not ignoring all you great people who have been commenting in my journal today, but the brain is just too toasty to reply just yet.

Writing is hard just now. The words are trickle, sputter, hiss. Like a damn kinked garden hose. I despirately want to get my 1000 words for the day done and go read.

Actually, I really miss Kam today. Gawd I would love to go out and have nice drink with her at some quaint Lincoln bar and vent. And have some cheap nachos while we get looked at strangely for laughing too loud at the yuppy and plant-filled Barrymores. And then go shopping. I’ve never had many girl friends but she’s probably been one of the best. Why? Because we’d get dressed up after work and no matter how tired, haggared, frazzled I’d look, she’d say “Girl! You are fabulous today!” And that amazing self-confidence she had was so bright that I couldn’t help but reflect a bit of it myself.

Wind out of the Writing Sails…

Just got a rejection from DAW. They don’t think Lucinda would be a commercial success at the present time. Well, hrumph on them! Nice prompt responce though. And even a hand dated and signed rejection letter, so I’ll give them kudos for that. Well, if anything I’ll try them again in a years time or so.

Man, why can’t I go to frisbee practice right now. I have a little hostility that I want to take out on a little plastic disk…

Please pardon me for the William Shanter impression

Must… resist… call… of LJ…
Must… get… to work!

I had a good weekend.

After screwing my D&D campaign up, I think I’ve successfully fixed it. Happy Day! Ooo… This reminds me I was going to figure up Eps by lunch time, guess I better get on that.

Saturday was taken up by Eric’s Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. He played 3 games, won one against a team that had beat them Thursday. The two teams they lost against went on to play a fourth game in the finals so they lost against some pretty good teams. Consolation, I guess. Eric was hurting pretty bad by the time we got home. *I* am going to start going to women’s practices on Tuesdays. Two girls on Eric’s team, Elaine and Lynn, convinced me to do so after seeing me throw a bit. So… Hmm… Yeah… Gonna go be not only social, but participate in a physical competitive sport. Gawd, I’m terrified.

I bought an African Violet yesterday. Her name is Lucy, after the “cute-as-button” secretary on The Practice. I hope I don’t end up killing her. The strange aloe-ish plants that alternately die and sprout (I’m convinced they are really undead plants at this point) will be put outside I think, to scare away pidgeons…

The weather is cloudy right now and cooler. Which makes me very lazy. Because later it will be hot and I won’t want to even think. Which is a different kind of laziness. Right now I just want to enjoy it, the wind blowing in, even if it is bringing dust from the construction site next door with it.

I am to go to the MVD today and get a learners permit for driving. I’m finally going to learn to drive. I’m not excited. Yes, I will have more freedom, yes, I will be able to go places without having to bug Eric to take me. I will even be able to drive to Eric’s Wednesday frisbee game and participate! But… It’s going to be hell learning how to drive a stick from Eric. He has such a short fuse for less-than-perfect. I know this is going to lead to many nights of yelling and hurt feelings. And then there is driving. I’m trying to convince myself that it will not be hair-raising experience I think it will be. I need to get into a better frame of mind for this…

Agenda today, visit MVD website to see if I need to take a test before I get a permit. It doubtful, but possible. Write, exercise, yadda, yadda, prepare for DMing. I don’t feel like doing that either in the wake of my last cumby session…

World go away, come again some other day.

For some reason last night, just before I went to sleep, despite how good the day had been and how I had decided that my writing did *not* suck, I was terrified that I would sit down today and no words would come. I don’t know where the thought came from. Is it unbelievable that it’s just chemicals in my head? Sometimes I don’t know…

It’s what? Wednesday already?

I went to bed last night feeling very restless. I felt like I hadn’t gotten anything done yesterday, but really it wasn’t such a bad day. I’m not sure what accounts for the moodiness.

All I have left of cleaning today is some vacuuming and maybe straighten up the back room a bit. I did take the shuttle to ASU yesterday and while I didn’t get much done in terms of wordage, I did do some rewriting. I REALLY did need to out. Just changing my environment gives me a new perspective on my writing. I checked out the library at ASU and I’m not impressed. I do believe Love library at UNL is better. I ended up writing first in ASUs Union and then by a nice little fountain. In between I took a walk over to the Demon Lady’s shop. Demon Lady is the not-so-kind name my husband has given to the proprietor of a gaming store near campus. She absolutely grates on him. I think, personally, it’s hilarious. He’s not mean to her but he won’t set foot into the shop either. But, she told me, as I was paying for a couple magazines, that two guys are looking to start a WFRP game for the summer and was wondering if I was interested. Eric says I should go for it, but I don’t think he’s interested in playing. I’m still thinking about it… She said it would be like twice a month. But two guys I don’t know… Not sure where they’d be wanting to play or when. I would not be willing to give up my Saturday D&D game for it. Thinking about giving Demon Lady a call and give her my e-mail addie to give to the guys. But… (social vs. anti-social war is being waged!)

Being back to campus made me nostalgic for the old college days. Not necessarily for the classes but for the people I’d meet and encounter. Dima, Jeff, and Jim in particular. Always the men. One would think the choice to get together with two ASU guys to game would be easy. But it’s changed. I’m a married woman now.

Okay, gotta go get me laundry, one last load. Then I guess it’s down to writing.