Daily Archives: May 4, 2001

Submitted my URL to ARWZ and added an HWA banner to my website. Went through my two newsletters and found a magazine market for Joanne. Submitted her, Godspeed, through e-mail. Yes, I did decide to put all my short stories on my webpages, but I never went through with it. Maybe I’ll put “Maids” up. It too long to sell to most markets. Joanne though is probably the best short story I’ve written and she’s of sellable length. I just can’t give up on her yet.

Next stop: BMG music to turn down my “Featured Selection.”

Still haven’t done laundry, heh… I’m such a bad housewife.

Heh, I’ve forgotten about laundry…

I think I’m ready to DM tonight. With Eric, I can never be ready for everything, but I got my basic plot down. I just want this mood I’m in to continue. Freewheeling creativity is good.

Right now, gonna check some web sites, some writing markets. I have two issues of HWA’s newsletter I really haven’t gone through. I should get my web page into a few rings and such as well… Sheesh! That sounds like a lot and yet…isn’t.

Hmm… Should I have another Mt. Dew? Be careful how you answer that; Dew’s probably responsible for the spontaneous poetry!

*** Warning! Bad Poetry Ahead! ***

I had wondered if you were a sensual man
But how could you not be
When the music you love can only make
You want to move
And touch
For me to want to touch you
And swallow you whole.

The little shuttles to ASU seem to be gone. Man, I liked ’em and they were getting used too! Maybe they’re just experiencing technical difficulties.

So today I will walk to Target/Alberson’s and look for Mother’s Day cards. I really wanted to go to the Hallmark in ASU’s Union. Oh well. First, a shower. Walking will be my exercise. My right knee is still unhappy and refusing to work properly. Eric thinks we should get a brace for me. Might not be a bad idea.

Let’s see…anything else I need at Target? Maybe a cherry turnover from Albersons? I have been a seritonin freak lately. I’m always hungry and libidinous. My mood is good, but that isn’t a surprise considering. I’m left wondering why? Am I hiding from something from myself?

First, need a shower. And after I need to do laundry. So I better get to it.