Daily Archives: May 6, 2001

Before I go back to Snoozleville (nowhere near Rockville)

I should get back to sleep. I woke up about an hour and a half ago with a wonky tummy, but it’s better now. The sun is starting to rise and it’s oh-so cool. Nice sleeping weather.

Thus far the weekend has been good. Went to see The Mummy Returns. Which I liked, of course. A very fun movie, though a bit unbelievable in parts. Then we went out to dinner at Rigatony’s. I suspect that it was the mass of alfredo sauce on my cannelloni that has been causing my stomach distress. It isn’t used to that kind of thing. We stopped at the mall and the grocery store on the way home. The only things I bought (aside from food) were People Magazine’s 50 most beautiful people (always interesting to see who they pick and see if I would agree…Eric and I have cooked up a theory about what women find attractive…Maybe more on that at a later date…) and the other Greyhawk novel by Paul Kidd. I have, at the moment, read neither yet. Because I DMed some Rifts for Eric last night. And I think I’m going an okay job. It’s been mostly RP heavy, but that’s cool. He did skip to the near end of the adventure I had set up. Very annoying.

And later today I get to go play YEAH! and maybe go throw the frisbee around. If my knee approves. Unfortunately it’s only gotten worse. I am reminded of the Sunscreen song: “Be kind to your knees. You’ll miss them when you get old.” I haven’t been too kind…

Wow, am I rambling. So, okay. Back to sleep for me!