Daily Archives: May 8, 2001

I dunno folks… This heat just isn’t me. Right now it’s 105 degrees F. That’s 41 C for you Europeans out there. The thing I don’t like is that everything gets hot, or at least warm. The keyboard, my chair, the air the fan blows… I took a shower and the shampoo and soap-gel stuff were more liquid than they should be. And when I got out, my towel was warm. Good grief. I’m not ready for this kinda warmth. Somebody send me some tickets to Alaska!


NO! Go away you stupid sparkly thing! I don’t want a headache today! Shoo!

I’m only 300 words into my writing, mainly because everything else seems to be taking up my time. Just this, that, and the other thing. And now an accursed sparkly thing in my eye… Damn hormones!

Bah! I will kill you sprakly!
*get out her bottle of Excedrin and gets another Mt. Dew because she might need more of that “enhancing ingredient”*

What happens when a bookworm marrys a gamer…

Decided to balance the checkbook because, well, it needed it. MS Money generates little reports on expenses if you categorize what you spend money on. It’s a helpful feature esp considering we hardly ever deal in cash; we use the check card for everything we can. Anyway:
For the first time, the category we spent the third most amount of money on in a month (behind rent and groceries) was books slightly beating eating out.

In High Spirits (aka Rollercoaster Ride)

No Woman’s Practice tonight!!! Okay, I like practice, I want to go, but I’m not unhappy about there being none tonight. I’m a big bundle of clumsiness this week. Maybe we’ll go Thursday.

Didn’t sleep through the night last night again. What’s the deal with that? It’s getting annoying. If it isn’t my stomach, it’s my nose. My internet hobby lately is a silly thing called neopets. Good late night diversion, I guess.

Agenda today. Finish laundry, dishes. Clean the bathroom. Writing of course. I need to exercise today. My knee is feeling better so I think I’ll do 20 min aerobics, 20 min toning.

Ug, up sneezing and coughing. There is something blooming and it isn’t anything kind…