Daily Archives: May 9, 2001

Response to Goldberg

“That’s exactly what writing is: to be able to duplicate our original mind on paper, with all its odd, kinky turns.” –Natalie Goldberg, Thunder and Lightning, Pg. 140

Is this why, when I’m writing, really out of myself writing when the words flow like a never ending two liter bottle of pop, things get added to the story that were never there before that moment? I’ve noticed it happening lately. Those are the parts that get written and I suddenly think to myself, “If this ever gets published, they’re going to make me cut that because it has nothing to do with anything really. The story can do without it.”

Since I’ve been thinking about “Maids” a lot today, it has perfect examples of what I mean. The bit with Jess thinking about her tea cups and the crystal her in-laws gave her. It’s nothing to the plot of the story. It’s a detail that can…whoosh…be all gone. And no one would know the difference, but… But it does add to the story in little tiny ways. It give character to the characters, it gives solidness, reality. *I* don’t think it would be as good a story without those things. And the teacups didn’t exist until I was sitting there, typing that one day. They just strung up like mushrooms in the middle of the lawn. When I plotted the story I never said, “Oh and she’ll own tea cups…” Then again, it’s those pieces that have made the story long, too long to be a short story but not long enough to be anything else.

So where is Marie going to fall? Are too many mushrooms springing up? Or, as I’ve lately been worrying, not enough?

Okay, “Maids” (around 13,000 words) is formatted and up on my web pages. It and “In the Pit” (a much, much shorter story) are both there in their complete forms. There are also a excerpts from my finished novel and my novel-in-progress. So, if any of you gentle readers want to take a look at what I go on and on and on about everyday, take a gander.

And now I really need some stretching out.

Running dialogue about looking at/for markets…

First, my pile of older markets:

1000 Delights: Hmm… Dunno. Don’t think they’d be interested in either.

Same for Sinister Element.

Both are too long for Deep Outside, Darkness Within, Epitath, Flesh & Blood.

Darkling Plain looks good, but the reading period isn’t open yet. Hopefully June 1.

Dark Muse only wants fiction to 1000 words. What can be written in 1000 words?

Horrorfind.com looks good for Vernon. Submitted him there.

Five Points seems too literary.

You know what? “Maids” is going to the web page. It’s too long. I’ve been looking for markets for it for YEARS. It’s time to let it go and just put it up. I like the story. Bill liked the story but it was too long. No body else has thought enough of it to publish it. Yeah, it is a little cliche, yeah, it’s not scary. It’s cute and friendly and I like the story so ni!

If Horrorfind doesn’t take Vern, I have a better chance of finding other places. Maids, not so.

The agenda today: Writing (like, duh!), Clean the Bathroom, Need to Finish Going Over the Driver’s Manual, Exercise.

I’m still debating whether or not I want to give up marketing a few of my short stories and just put them on my web page. I’m thinking maybe I’ll try a few non-pay e-zines, and if no luck there, I’ll just give in. I think the main problem for “Maids” is that it’s too dang long (as Bill Purcell said), and “Vernon” is just too non-mainstream. If I do put my stories on my webpage, I would like to publicized my webpage better. And I only have some vague clues about doing that. So, what I feel like doing, out of my whole agenda, is to get my submit those two stories. Last ditch effort.

Da plan… Do that until 11 and then exercise (I’m thinking yoga today, my knee can handle it). Then switch over to writing. Clean bath room during Oprah. If I don’t get to the manual, I can do it tomorrow morning.

(If you all haven’t noticed until now, sometimes I just need to pep-talk myself…)
Alright, get going!