Daily Archives: May 11, 2001

Happy, happy! Joy, joy!

1.) I got two encounters worked out for Rifts tonight. One is a long battle that will take a while; one will be short, but will open up some other little avenues. I better set up one more, just in case.

2.) Eric is 99% sure he will have next week off!!! WooHoo! Vacation here I come! I gotta remember to take a camera.

You’d think I’d be more bouncy, but really I’m just kinda tired. And if Eric asks one more time what we are going to have for dinner, I’m going to whop him…

I told myself that I wouldn’t get excited about taking a vacation, but… I just HAD to check out the AZ tourism site. Heh, I could get fairly cheap, nice rooms in Tuscon and we could go to Tombstone. I’m itching to travel. I hope, hope, hope Eric gets next week off. He hasn’t come home for lunch. Maybe that means he’s trying to get everything sorted out and come home to start official vacation early. (A girl can hope…)

I need to get to work on Rifts. My head has sorted itself out a bit, but now my tummy’s slightly wonky. Eh… Need to motivate myself. But the only thing I want to do is plan a trip!!!

Good gracious. I’ve been SO lazy this week. And I don’t even care! Is that good? Bad? I don’t know. I’ve been using PMS as an excuse, but I haven’t stopped to ask if it’s a valid excuse. And in my strange fit of apathy this week, I don’t care if it’s valid either.

*sigh* Must get my Rifts campaign into shape. Eric might, might, might take next week off. He’s going to ask for it, but we’ll see. If so, he’s going to expect some serious recreational gaming with me as the DM. I have some interesting ideas, but it’s a matter of how long I can stretch it all out. Got some idears…

I slept all night, thank goodness. I was TIRED. Eric kept tickling me because he couldn’t get to sleep, and he was pissing me off because every time he’d start I’d be nearly asleep already.