Daily Archives: May 20, 2001

Hmm… Quiet morning. Eric’s not up yet and the weather has been much more tolerable. It won’t last for long.

Well, vacation week #1 is coming to an end. Eric’s working this week and then has the following week off. Nothing planned for that one.

Lesse what’s been going on.

Had my first lesson at driving a stick. Eric said he’s never heard of anyone getting so much worse during a lesson. I’m still apologizing to the truck.

Playing frisbee with the guys (and one other girl) at Motorola was better than women’s practice. They are less competative, more in it for fun. This is really incentive for me to learn to drive. They actually asked if I had fun! I like that men can be like that.

The apartment is a mess…

I’m tired of Rifts and am wanting to get back to the D&D campaign I was running.

And I’ve finally finished A Circle of Friends. The movie was better. Now I’m trying to decide what to read next. I should finish American Psycho, but I’m thinking one of my new books will get attention.

Speaking of movies. Saw two good ones on video. Sunshine and Quills. Both alright and I think Eric didn’t mind them either despite being a Ralph Feinnes and period piece movie respectivly.