Daily Archives: May 21, 2001

In the process of learning to chew…

Hmm… I have a mixed pile of mail laying here. I decided to finish up the kitchen and front room floors before I opened anything up. Savor the moment, just a little. I’m new at this savoring thing. *smile*

I have:
An SASE. From a publisher for sure and, as I peer at the stamp out of the corner of my eye, a recently sent SASE. The flower stamps were bought in Jan, Feb, March, April…
Rejection for Joanne from Dark Regions. Large number of typos? I’ll have to look it over again. They want to see another story of mine if I have one. Hmm… Do I have one?

Four envelopes from MFS (our IRA people). I’m happy to see that on three out of four, they now have our last name spelled correctly! Three of them are addressed to me (including one mis-spelling). I’m hoping everything is a-okay…
Yes, everything is good. They just have a bi-zarre way of doing things. Two of the ones addressed to me involved my name change which I thought was already in effect. But it is now, the numbers look good, and all is well.

Next on the mail pile:
Issue 394 of Uncanny X-men. This is the one with Wolverine smooching some red-head on the cover. I’m sure we are meant to think it’s Jean Grey, and who I am as sure that it is not. Or if anything, it isn’t what we think it is. Them teases! This is the second X-men I’ve gotten in the mail since Friday. I was just about to send an e-mail asking about my subscription when issues started showing up.

And last:
A CD sized box/envelope from Interplay! This means our replacement Baldur’s Gate disc is here. Maybe I’ll finally get to play that game.

So, now, I shall finish up reading my comic books (the new X-man and the Hackmasters I had left over from the weekend). File rejection letter and MFS stuff. Then do some yoga. Then get my campaign in shape for tonight. Then maybe play with Baldur’s Gate. Of course, I may not be DMing tonight. Eric might be playing on the ‘puter. Who knows!

Color me Peeved

I haven’t learned all the nuances of this burner. I ended up losing several ebooks. Darn. Most of them I think I can find again, but Hrmph. At least now I won’t be afraid to download some bigger stuff as long as I can bat it over to a CD. And hey! I might actually start reading the things!

Deep in the Horror of Texas was my biggest loss. I don’t remember if RA was giving that away on his web site or not…

Back to the dishes with me.

Well, it be Monday. And a work week at that.

We never did get anything done on Marie during this past week. So I’m not quite sure I want to work on her. It all seems to be a very moot point considering the state of the apartment right now. There is too much mess for me not to move. It’s not that I’m neat freak, but too much chaos and my head just can’t seem to put two thoughts together.

Oh! Finally got a CD burner. We went to Best Buy to get the new Depeche Mode album (which is mellow and dark, at first I didn’t like it much, but can’t not listen to it… It’s kind of alcoholic in that manner. And it has done nothing to keep my mind from Dima.) Anyway, we always check the bits of electronics that we intend to buy in the near future for good sales. This was on a good sale, and better if I get the rebate mailed. So, I have the new orginization problem of what to do with back up CDs, new music CDs…

Aye me! I wanna go read. But I always want to go read.