Daily Archives: May 22, 2001

Eric just came home for a late lunch. Work’s giving him hell, poor baby.

I’ve decided to do some Pilates and then clean during Oprah, then maybe more exercise.

My disc of dance music rocks…

Printed out old e-mails from Kathy-Jo and Dima. Two people I have little if no chance of hearing from any more. I’ll bundle them with the other letters I have…

Here it is, nearly two and what have I gotten done:

Moved ebooks and MP3s to CD, freeing up a good chunk of harddrive space.

Updated Helna (my dwarven mage character in the D&D campaign Eric’s running). Read up a little more on what I’m going to do for Luk tonight (D&D campaign I’m running).

Now I’m clearing out my e-mail box. BTW, did someone around here write me a note about dreams? I didn’t recognize the e-mail addy.

Hmm… Need to shower, exercise, clean. I don’t know in what order I want to do those things though. I’m thinking I might turn the AC on in an hour or so. It’s freaking hot.

I should exercise. I really should. It’s going to be too hot later. But… Blech.

I’m reeling at that which is morning television. The girlfriends on Sally who are back for their third repeat visit because their men are still cheating on them. The sexy girls on Jenny Jones who have attitudes to everything and everyone. And the bizarre muscle-shocking thing designed to give yourself a face lift. Strangeness…

I’m still working on archiving files to CD. I seem to have a very limited attention span for it. Anyway… Just feeling a bit blah today. I think I need to eat.

“The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth.”

Chinese Proverb