Daily Archives: May 25, 2001

Oh Yeah, Sing It with Me!

“Can you feel a little love…”

Heh, no one home downstairs so the bass is turned up.

Looking into concert tickets for August.


Something of Interest…


Controversy is brewing over shortlists chosen for a couple of British book
prizes. The Orange prize, which is given to women writers, seems to be
creating the most furor. And organizers can blame only themselves. The
prize, which was established in 1996 after women writers complained that
prestigious literary awards were predominantly given to men, usually has a
panel of women judges. This year, however, organizers invited a panel of
three notable men to make selections, as well. Though the male panel’s
picks don’t count toward the award, organizers wanted to see if there would
be a gender difference. There was, and stinging criticism to boot. Judges
Paul Bailey (best known for his novel “Gabriel’s Lament”), Paul Henderson
(marketing director of Ottakers) and John Walsh (a former literary editor
at London’s Sunday Times) said the books were appalling, lacked humor, were
long on issues, and rarely included likable men characters, the Sunday
Times reported. Of the 18 novels read by both panels, only one book, “The
Idea of Perfection” by Kate Grenville, made both shortlists. The award will
be announced June 4.