I had a very nice three day weekend, topped off by amazingly deep sleep this morning. The dream I was having I could hardly shake off. It was about a small town in Nebraska (a town that is often in my dreams though it does not exist), several of cast from West Wing, and the ghost of a nun. Very odd dream, very lucid. And very comfortable although I woke up several times after the ghost would show up with that cold fuzzy feeling of a nightmare, but then I would just drop back into it.

Saturday night I was to the point I could have just killed Eric. Gawd I was pissed at him. The earache thing came back and my head was just killing me. And for some reason he seemed to feel it was my obligation to entertain him and when I wouldn’t, he went to bed grumpy. So I eventually went to bed too but couldn’t get to sleep. I really needed massage. I could tell Eric was awake but he wouldn’t aknowledge me. Ug, he was being such dork! Finally he relented and gave me a massage and I finally got to sleep. Granted, the pain in my head was probably making me a little over-sensitive and the night was awfully warm, but still…

The rest of the weekend was great. My DMing went well. And I got to play a bit, always a happy thing. I got my Tombstone pictures back (anyone know a site with good Southwestern graphics?), worked on my Rifts web pages (the frame is too much, gonna have to change it), and I kept the apartment from becoming a total wreak.

Today is going to be the last nice day of a three day cooler spell. *sigh* Then it’s back to 107… Why do I live here on the doorstep of hell?

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