Daily Archives: June 4, 2001

I know there are a few other authors on my friends list, and I just wanted to let you know about this. This is from the June 2001 issue of the Horror Writers Association newsletter.

Time Warner EBook Contract Could Be a Big Mistake for First-Time Authors

The Authors Guild today warned its members that experimenting with Time Warner’s new iPublish division presents substantial legal risk and loss of literary rights for little pay. The Guild urged all writers…to approach iPublish with extreme caution. Established writers who are merely dabbling in a new medium may find they’ve inadvertently granted a laundry list of rights to Time Warner and agreed to bargain-basement advances for print rights to their work. Worse yet, writers surrender rights to their next work as well, agreeing to sell the digital right to iPublish for advances as low as $25 or less.

That’s just a little bit of the article, if your really, really want the rest, let me know. Also, I don’t do this to slam Time Warner or anything like that, but I feel that authors need to be informed in this world blossoming with new publishing opportunities.

Having problems…

I’m reading the HWA newsletter. I was happy to get it today since I was looking for markets (even though I didn’t use it). But I’m sitting here reading it, and I come to the section where members who have had things published are listed along with what work and where… And I can’t be happy for them. It’s the same when I read the horrorauthors board. I can’t find it in me to be happy for people who have had their stories excepted somewhere. And THAT bothers me. I start to wonder just what is wrong with my stories that they don’t get published. What am I doing wrong? Or do I just suck as a writer?

Ooo… It’s been a day thus far. A fairly productive one at that. I have: exercised, done the bills, and figured out most of the next thing I’m going to do for Eric’s D&D campaign.

Right now, I’m Netscape proofing my web pages and looking for a new market or two for Joanne. I’m in a paperwork mood today. Found out the winners of the Stoker. Yeah, Richard Laymon! Though I wonder if he still would have won if he hadn’t died… Isn’t that terrible? To have ones work put into doubt over something as trivial as death? To be fair, I hadn’t read any of the nominees this year, though I do own Laymon’s book. Looking forward to reading Brian Hopkin’s winning book too (best first novel). *sigh* Maybe, maybe, maybe, I’ll finally get a story published again. It’s been such a long, long time…

I’m wishing there was something I could do to help Eric. He’s getting very down about his work.