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I dreamt about smoking last night. I was smoking right in front of Eric. All of yesterday I was wanting, chraving a smoke. Oh that they weren’t so terrible for a person, that they didn’t make kisses taste bad… *sigh*

Gonna do dishes now I think. Or maybe take a shower first. Haven’t decided. I’m also thinking of having Eric drop me off at Target if he comes home for lunch today. It’s so hot though and I’d have to walk back in it. But there’s a few things I need: Soft Soap, Father’s Day cards. The kinds of things that make my husband restless to run into a store and then out. So unsatisfying.


Writer, publisher. Hobbies include reading, studying magic & illusions from a historical/theoretical perspective, and playing ultimate frisbee.

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  1. Ciggarettes don’t make them taste that bad. As long as it’s the person you love. I actually find myself missing the smell of them from my girlfriend…just one more of those things I guess…buy yeah…p.s. what is it you’re writing about? That sounds interesting.

    1. Actually I think some ppl are more sensitive in general to taste, heat, cold, etc. and Eric is certainly one of those ppl. And it’s bad for me. And therefore I don’t smoke. At least not in this life.

      The book I’m working on now is a fantasy novel set in an alternate version of 11th century Europe. In this reality, magick, dwarves, elves, orcs, all that sort of thing, exists. My main character, Marie, is the third daughter of a minor noble. So minor that he is probably not going to be able to provide a dowry for her. So she takes to theivery to raise a little money. That is until she is discovered by a very odd man named Neltiar…

      1. Aside from a few “literary” short stories and vampire poetry ages ago, nope. I’ve been sending out my first novel cold for about a year now and have gotten maybe four or five rejections. I figure I’ll keep at it a few more years and then look into getting an agent.

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