Daily Archives: June 11, 2001

No, it’s time to get back to it. Time to work on Marie everyday, a thousand words a day. Time to work again. It’s the easy way out to make excuses.

Today, I have already wrote my thousand, and read the introduction to Long Quiet Highway. Now I can goof-off more than I already have today. I can get the mail, figure out options for dinner this week, do post-weekend clean up, watch Oprah.

Despite the rebellion of my body today, I feel good.

You know, I’m a dog person but these kitties are so darn cute!

Going to write today if only to keep the AC on. *grin* And then read.

Ug, sometimes I am a terrible housewife. I was waiting for eric to get home to do his load of laundry and I completely, utterly forgot about it five seconds after he got home. So this morning he was faced with a pile of wrinkly work clothes. Ug, my brain is total mush…