Daily Archives: June 13, 2001

*takes a deep breath and assures herself the the world is not plotting against her*

*makes a mental note to add a page number header to Marie*

*makes a second mental note to remember to pack some tampons*

Just printing out Marie today has been an ordeal. Am I sure I want to head to campus? Yeah, I need to get away. I’m not even promising that I’ll manage to work on it. I was up until 3 am last night, and I’ve had three Dr. Peppers to off set it.

*sigh* It seems Tuesdays are the worse of Eric’s days at work. He came home again thinking that the axe is near for him; that if he were them, he’d fire himself. God, that makes me feel so helpless. It’s hard seeing Eric like that.

Practice was alright. I’m was so clumsy, but it seems everyone else was too. One girl, Cayla, is pretty nice. She reminds me of my two month dorm room mate. I also tossed around with Amy, a girl who plays Wednesday with Eric. Very shy. Shy in the way that even if I were to try to start a conversation, I think it would dry very quickly.

Well, I’ve got to finish getting dressed and set to go work on Marie. I was planning to be off by noon but, heh, oh well. At very least I’m going to go walk around, shop a little, and read some Rosetti who is going with me on my field trip.

And what am I doing up so late, aside from suffering from big old PMS? I’m not reading, I’m not writing, I’m not even playing neopets. No, I’ve picked up a new bad net habit. Or maybe it’s just revisiting an old one… I’m making cartoon dolls on-line. Yes, I’ve finally figured out how to do it. Maybe I’ll post a few tomorrow.

I’m definitely printing Marie tomorrow and taking her to ASU. Too, too many distractions here!