Dreams the past couple of nights…

I was at some sort of singles mixer. We were encouraged, within a couple hours time, to get to know as many people as we wanted, and go as far as sitting around and necking with them. No strings attached.

I spent a little time talking to a few guys, but ended up mostly with one guy: a blond guy that looked like a cross between Rocky Hardy and Christopher Titus. We ended up kissing a bit after awhile, and he said he wanted to go out with me away from the mixer. I woke up with that strange warm, loved feeling.

This was set against the backdrop of an odd reptile aquarium/resturant. I was there for some sort of class/dinner. Two ppl of note there. One was Candy Abelein, a friend of mine form grade school. I haven’t heard from her in years. Actually Kari Jaeger was there too. We hooked up like 10 years hadn’t passed in our friendship, but it was different with Candy. I didn’t know want to say to her because I knew her mom had died and for some reason I tought her dad had passed away too. And irl, I feel I wrote something wrong and that is why our friendship ended suddenly (we were pen pals by then). The other strange part of Candy being there was that she spent half the time transformed into a cat.

The other person was Mike Mason. He had graduated from college with his degree in architecture, but had decided to become a chef/magician. Unfortunately, he was a very bad chef/magician and he hadn’t made any money at it. I wanted to talk to him about why he had changed careers. We had been flirting all during the dinner, while Mike was taking detailed notes on the meal. Mike said he’d only talk to me if we could do it while taking a bath. For some reason I thought this was strangely sweet. So we went to find a bath tub, me in a robe, him walking around completely naked. There were two options for bath tubs, a big one and a small one. Mike wanted the small one, “more intimate”, but it was going to be used for disecting one of the six-legged alligators that had died in one of the tanks.

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