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Finished American Psycho. I’ve come to the realization that I like my books to have an actualy plot to them. Is that so wrong? AP had it’s interesting points (esp. surrounding identity), but it was so rambling, with no direction. Yes, I know it was probably *supposed* to be that way, but on an entertainment level it didn’t work for me.

Looks like we might not get the table we’ve been wanting anyway. The store closes at 5:30 on the weekdays and charges quite a bit (flat-fee) for delivery. Eric would have to take off early and/or get up early to get it worked out. And our battle mat might not fit on it which is a down side. We’ll give it a little more thought.

I’ve had a pretty good day. Cleaned up the back room, am doing dishes, did a bunch of reading. And I plan to do more. Things I still need to do: shave my legs (groan), balance the check book, take steaks out of the freezer. I have the urge to go shopping, or out to eat, or something. Going slightly stir crazy. If I hadn’t had so much to do I would have had Eric take me to the library. Maybe tomorrow.

No women’s practice tonight. 😦 They’re irrigating the fields. It absolutely nuts that they try to maintain lush green grass down here. The only place I’ve seen them succeed is at Motorola. Where they are forcing their employees to take a week of vacation every quarter and have turned off the hot water in order to cut costs. Something is wrong with that picture…