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Aimless Rambling

There is NOTHING going on. Boredom complete and total.

I don’t know why I have this evasion when it comes to replying to my e-mail. Just an odd, odd thing. I should do my e-mail though. And call Atomic Comics. And read a little if I intend to run Rifts this weekend. And mail some letters. A ton of small things to do. *sigh* And I’m feeling too lazy to do any of them.

Okay step one: need to curb my neopets time. It’s replaced MUDing and it my biggest time waste lately. Doing things for fun is one thing, doing them obsessively all day is another.

Step two: get off my butt. And quit excusing. I have a mild migraine atm. I want to use this as an excuse to go lay down and do nothing. Maybe after I’m done with all the other stuff. Maybe.

Got two free romance novels in the mail. Heh, I’m not sure which is worse: comics or romance novels. But hey, a cheap thrill. 😉

Also want to respond to the questions in the menstrualhut.

Right now, finish laundry…