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It’s raining! It’s raining! It’s raining!!!
Time for a happy dance!

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Alright everyone… Pray for rain for me!
It’s blowin’ and gustin’ but I’ve seen it do this before with not a drop to show for it. So, for my sanity…please…

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Well, here we are, Monday again.

Had a lousey night’s sleep. At about 10-ish, I took a break from DMing and went to lay down on the bed. Eric joined me and we both fell asleep. So at around 11 I woke up to turn off the lights and the music still going in the back room. I needed to use the bathroom before I returned to bed. As I flipped the light switch– POP!–one of the lightbalbs above the sink went out and tripped the circuit breaker. So I fumbled around for a light that worked, ignoring the mostly-asleep “What the hell are you doing?” coming from the bedroom, and finally restored enough light to the bathroom not to fall in. But it just gave me bad vibes for sleeping. I woke up again at 3:30am, got up for a couple hours. From then on, sleep was a mish-mash of sleep-paralysis episodes and strange dreams about shoes…

The weekend was alright. We bought our table!!!
I’m happy. It’s such a cool table and the back room is just that much closer to being usable. Of course each piece of furniture we wrestle up the stair and into our tiny apartment, the less likely we are going to be to move somewhere else before we move out of state. Not a bad thing. This apartment is cheap and nice for what we pay for it.

Today… The place is a mess. I mean, more so them usual. We had to displace half of our existing furniture to get the table in so that’s all helter-skelter. And many dishes! We’ve been cooking more, therefore more dishes.

It might rain. *grin* There’s maybe a 10% chance. *is hopeful*