I’m drunk-ish and up late. That means QUIZ TIME!!!

Katherine, you’re a Carpenter

Your hands are your livelihood. Your practical skills mean that you’re the woman to have around when there’s work to be done. You have a deep understanding for the mechanical complexity behind how things work—architecure, machines, and even people. You can fix or build anything with whatever tools are on hand. That’s why you’re so good when it comes to real, physical projects. As a competent and reliable process person, people can count on you to meet the specs exactly and take just the right calculated risks to get the job done. Your independent style means that you prefer to work alone and manage a job by yourself. And as long as you’re given some creative freedom, you’re ready to work.

Who’s like you:
Amelia Earhart

Likely careers:
Carpenter, auto mechanic, landscaper, farmer, physical therapist, soldier, electrician.

Actually this is not far off. Despite my writing, I’m very much physical work oriented. Gimme a couple boards and I’ll be your Harrison Ford!

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