Monthly Archives: July 2001

Headache is kinda, sorta gone. Gone in that way that the pain is gone, but there is still the feeling of something wrong. A tension, a numbness.

Rewrote part of a Marie scene. Only 250ish words, but I don’t have the energy for more. rewriting can be such a pain.

Gonna go shave my legs just in case it doesn’t storm and I go to frisbee practice. And after that I’m gonna nap/read until I need to be ready for aforementioned frisbee. Yes, I am determined to go to frisbee. Had a talk with my mom this afternoon. We both agree that the Hermit has to be forced to get out.

Oh, question, does anyone know anything about CritPal?

Time to go through my bookmarks I think. They have gotten way out of hand…

Yeah! Got through my whole friends list without getting any error messages. Does this mean LJ is back up and running smooth? Or am I just up early enough to avoid the busy hours?

It’s cloudy today. And fairly cool. Makes me listless. But happy. Strangely, I’m feeling slightly hungover. No alcohol yesterday, no caffeine either aside from a cup of tea. Maybe I’m just dehydrated. I slept very deeply again last night after I laid down thinking I wouldn’t be able to get to sleep.

So is it good to set dates to do things? I’m thinking of starting a new writing habit tomorrow on Aug 1st. But how is that any different from starting today? Because it has been delineated so? I don’t know. But I should probably finish cleaning the apartment and catch up on e-mail before I dive deeply back into my writing. There is the distinct possibility that once I do, I might not come back up until we leave for Omaha.

And I want to enjoy this day. Overcast, somewhat cool days don’t happen very often. Time for some coffee, me thinks.

It poured last night! It made me feel so good. I took advantage of the weather today and did some walking/shopping. Just got back. I can’t believe it’s already a quarter ’til four! Hmm… Three possible things to do. Watch movie, clean, work on Marie. I know Eric is wanting to pester me about Marie tonight. He needs to read more. Thinking I might declair today my “day off”. Even though my DMing this weekend was medicore at best. I’m just a tad bit…disconnected from the world at the moment. I’ve been caught up in reading and writing. The rest of the world is oh so lack-luster.

Before I go…

I was looking at my LJ pictures and I noticed something:

I have two pics that are sort of symbolic (not the right word, but it will do). One is of Sally and Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I use this for gushy, lovely, “On Marriage” posts. One is of a blue-haired faerie/pixie. That one I use for posts that are “writing exercises,” quotes, and the like.

The other four are icons of me, of my various moods. All are red-headed women. One (the angel facing straight on) is kind of the default “here I am, feeling nothing special” mood. One is for when I’m feeling playful, cheesey, and generally happy. The third (this one) is for when I’m in work/contemplation/nerd mode. And the fourth icon is for when I’m in those very low, depressed moods. The first three are not only red-heads, but are nude red-heads (though you can’t tell from the 100×100 thumbnails, believe me they are). The fourth, the “depressed” icon, is dressed.

Just finished up A Writer’s Tale. I got it, what?, Thursday? I haven’t sped my way through a book in a long time. I did skip some sections near the end where he has process logs of each of his books. I haven’t read that many Richard Laymon books. They can hardly be found here in the US. So, I figured I’d wait until I knew more about what he’s talking about when he mentions titles. I wouldn’t have read half the ones I have if not for Leisure Publishing and a wonderful used bookstore called Bookman’s.

A good book all in all. A good amount of advice on both writing and publishing. Okay maybe not advice on publishing, maybe more like commiserating. I feel not as bad that ROC sent me a rejection in response the full manuscript I sent them. The letter came only two weeks after I sent Lucinda so I’m pretty sure they didn’t read her. Okay I still feel bad, but at least I know I’m not the only writer being rejected and ill-used… Rat bastards.

Anyway, I’m itching to get back to Marie. Eric did some reading Thursday night and has suggested some changes. And I agree with them, without a fight even! I knew changes were needed. Why didn’t I do them in the first place? Heh, good question. Also been thinking over what my next novel might be. I’m thinking Joanne expanded would be good. There’s real potential in the story I think. It would be going back to horror though. I can see it now. I sell Marie, a fantasy book. The publishers want another book from me! And all I’ll have for them is two horror novels. I’m writing what I’d like to read though. Can I help it if I want to read fantasy, horror, and maybe a little sci-fi thrown in for good measure?

Did a moronic thing last night. Reserved flights to Omaha for over Labor Day week/end (end of August, early September for those of you out of the US). That wasn’t the moronic thing. Reserved Thursday through Saturday, instead of Thursday through Sunday. Eric called them and it seems everything is worked out, but… Between America West and I, we fucked up the plane tickets last year too. If they end up charging me for two sets of tickets, I’m going to be very pissed.

Yes, going back to Nebraska for a week in about a month. It’ll be nice. Football season will be in full swing. No reception stuff to deal with. Shopping in Lincoln. Visiting with friends who are becoming more distant as time passes. I need to get them all on LJ so I can keep up…!

Enough rambling for now. I think I’m going to read more on Angry Angel, another book that is a fast read. Some tea would be nice, I think.

Thank you, Henrik, for a great afternoon.

I’m serious, we have to do it again. I miss getting togther with a friend who enjoys drinking, and just talk. It a part of my life that I haven’t replaced, a part of my life I knew I was missing. Because I would miss Ryan or Kam. And I hope I provided you with a little amusement. I’m a silly drunk. 🙂

And by the way, I made it up and down to the laundry room. No neighbors think I’m more unseemly than I am. 😉

So good night. *waves*

In other news, Eric is going to come home and find me drunk as a skunk. Oh well. It’s the price of an afternoon of socializing. At least he won’t find that I’ve smoked, which would make him infinately unhappier. Maybe if I drink enough water, I’ll be sober enough to DM tonight.