Daily Archives: November 5, 2001

Oh what a nice weekend even though I’ve been a bit moody and Eric was a bit ill.

Friday night, I don’t remember quite. It mostly consisted of dinner at Garcia’s and DMing even though I didn’t feel like it.

Saturday started with the Tempe Library booksale. My only regret is that I didn’t buy more books. Everything was between $0.50 and $2. Most of the hard backs were first editions. Not that I care about first editions, but I should have bought a few more books. And the money goes to subsidize their children’s programs; a definite good thing. As it was I picked up some history: Women in the Middle Ages and two books on women settlers in the American plains. Two books of Russian lit. Two horror novels (Mr. X which won the Stoker last year and MEG a guilty pleasure described as Jurassic Shark). And a contemporary lit novel by EL Doctorow that sounded interesting. But I wish I would have bought more. *grin*

Eric also made the most delicious roast. Gawd, it’s so sexy; a man that can make pot roast.

My DMing took an interesting turn. I started just winging things, intrigues and double-crosses. Which made Eric happy since he’s been tiring of Ye Olde Dungeon Crawl.

We topped off Saturday night by going out for pie and tea at about 10pm.

The campaign I’m playing in took and interesting bunch of turns itself on Sunday. First off, we found a deck of magical cards. Much chaos ensued. 🙂 My dwarven wizard was 6’4″ with increased strength for about ten minutes before the dwarven cleric who had picked a wish card and an increased intelligence card wished to switch effects with me. So now Helna is extra, extra smart. 😉 And Sir Johntis is human again! Though he is still mourning the loss of Odom, as are we all. Mundo is really wanting to take a break from the anxiety that is playing Sir J. And Eric ran a little session just for me to work out what happened to Helna during her trip to Greyhawk.

And we watched “Memento” last night. It’s a rather interesting movie. I highly recommend it.

Extra bonus, it rained last night!

Now it is Monday. The weather should stay cool today. I hope, I hope. I’m in a chatty mood so there are lots of replies in LJ land from me today.

I’m also at a loss of what to do with myself. Marie didn’t get worked on. I want Eric to read instead of my describing what path I’ve gone down in terms of plot. I’m just no good with the spoken word. I fear he will not like it. This book is much more of a collaboration than I had anticipated. And I’m not sure if I liked that, to be honest. He’s too involved in the plot being like the campaign it was based on, and I don’t believe that a gaming plot makes a good novel plot without some major modifications. I don’t want to start Joanne if I can’t dive in 110%. So I do my other jobs today. I will clean. I will work on my campaign. I will read.

Should I, in such a situation, feel so calm?