Daily Archives: November 12, 2001

I’m amazed at the amount of information Amazon.com collects. They keep track of what I’ve bought, what I search for, what I recently viewed. They ask for reviews and recommendations and rating and even whether a review, recommendation or rating was of use to me. Then there are the lists: wish lists, lists made by users and lists of these lists are tagged on to the margin of what I’m viewing. All a web of what I might like meant to simulate the experience of browsing through a book/music superstore, yes? But it doesn’t take into account the way I wander through bookstores, picking up what seems interesting, a book that isn’t related to anything I usually am interested in, that I wouldn’t have gone looking for at all.

And are Nerds the most addictive candy ever?

And now it is one.
Time seems to pass more slowly when Eric is at home. My morning flew by with nothing to show for it. Eric comes home for an hour of lunch and the time slows.

Even with that said, the weekend went by too quickly.

DMing was all right, though I didn’t get as much done as I wanted.

The party at Saba’s was nice. At first, it was only Eric and I and one other lady there because of a screwed up Yahoo map. But then people poured in, co-workers of both Saba and her husband as well as friends. There was some mixing but by lunch all the Motorola employees and all the SRP employees were cozily grouped. I finally met the infamous Cliff, Eric’s recent immediate boss. He was much different than I expected. Quite funny where I expected condescension. By the end, the only people that were left were Eric and I, Saba, Sharik, Avery, Cliff, and a guy the works for Caedence (one of Motorola’s vendors). Saba kept saying, “No one leaves until all the beer is gone!” Avery and I did our best…

Playing Sunday was great even though the loud kid, Bender, was back. That boy just sucks energy right out of me. But we defeated the Efreeti Lord and are working toward setting the souls on Magnum, Odom, and Badonna free. Badonna, one of the original dwarven party, bit the dust. Nick, who had so faithfully played the character he’d been stuck with (a female dwarven monk), was slightly upset. I wonder, if he had the choice, whether he would agree to player her again.