Daily Archives: November 26, 2001

Other things done today:
Two loads of laundry
Vacuumed the bedroom
Paid credit card bills
1034 words

Hrmm… It seems I can get things done when I want, huh?

The new faucet is sleek and shiny. It brought the value of this apartment up 10%. It is much too fine for the likes of me or this place. I can only treat it well. I think if my landlords would put their son in charge of their buildings full time, things would be much better here.

Suddenly stuck in my writing. Philip’s freaked. Michael’s not. Slightly different combat situation for him though. Horseback. This should be a perfect situation to show differences in the two men. Michael is certainly the better of the two, but Philip is not without his virtues. Just need to get that into words. Yeah…

Faucet still not fixed.

Things done:
Vacuumed the front room
Swept the kitchen
Evacuated the stuff from under the sink

Much to do today. I need to get the apartment cleaned up a bit before landlord’s-son comes to fix the faucet. Was planning on getting back to a writing/exercise schedule, but alas, I will be surprised if I get both done. Also working on a CD of MP3s for Slywester, a guy Eric works with who believes the no good music was created beyond the 80s. Also would like to MP3 archive our music collection. But unfortunately the program I’m using locks up the computer after about two extractions. So there’s that to get done. I’m aching to put up the Christmas tree too. Much to do.

Dream last night:
I was taking a bus to a library. At one stop very talkative lady sat down next to me and a man I thought was attractive sat in the seat in front of me. He was tall and blond-haired. His face was rather plain, but he had light brown eyes that were interesting. I tried talking to him and while he was polite, I had the feeling he didn’t like me. At the next stop, I got up and sat down next to him. I asked if he minded and he said no, but he moved away from me. I was thinking to myself, “I’m married, why do I want this man to like me so much?” Eventually we got to the library. I went my way and blond guy went his. Some time elapsed and soon the library was closing. All of us that were on the bus sat outside and waited to be picked up. I went over and talked to the gabby lady and a Native American guy when the blond man came up behind me and put his arms around me. I was surprised and said nothing. He started picking at an ingrown hair on my leg. “Are you having fun?” I asked. “Yes,” he said. He shifted a little but didn’t leave. I was glad he was there because it was cold I was wearing summer clothing, but I kept fiddling with my wedding ring hoping he would notice it. “Don’t worry about that,” he said finally, “We’re just friends.”

I need to get to work.