Daily Archives: November 28, 2001

For most of the day, I did exactly what my last post said I was going to. In addition, I wrote a few hundred works, ate a lot of junk food, and then took a two hour nap. Yeah, that nap isn’t going to help my insomnia. Guess I’m working the swing shift as it were. Oh and I changed a few icons, a by-product to looking at fantasy art.

I talked to Qwest this morning about their calling us. In the past three days, they called five times. I don’t really mind when companies call occasionally with new offers. Occasionally. Twice a day about the same two dumb offers is too damn much. I honestly expect them to call this evening as well. The lady said she would mark us to be taken off, but it would take thirty days. Why it takes thirty days, I’ve no clue. But, for the next thirty days I’m going to look for a new telephone service (I think they have competition in our area) and if they call on day 31, they will loose me as a customer. (Bold words, eh? 😉 )

Still not feeling the greatest. I took out some chicken to make for dinner, but I don’t feel like cooking. We already did frozen pizza Monday and BK yesterday, so that leave no cards for me to play. Maybe I can talk him into IHOP.

Gonna try to get more writing in before Eric gets home.

Actually, I don’t even feel like going to Target. I just want to curl up and be warm and look at fantasy art all day.

I’m not feeling like frisbee today. I feel more like going to Target. I think I’ll shave my legs and then decide.

Ooo… I just realized something. I changed who was going to be a part of the campaign against Brielle so I might have to change the letter to Margaret. And if George Ferrier is going with, it will be on his own. But that’s not very likely considering his opinion of the whole deal earlier. Of course, he’s like a sheet in the wind and he’d probably change his opinion if he thought it would impress Margaret.

I’m just about to call it a night. I’m to the place where some rewriting is needed and that might be a good thing to leave until after disc. If I go to disc. I’m feeling okay right now, but who knows in the morning.

Total wordage between this afternoon and tonight: 1519