Got a rejection back from a publisher yesterday. From an editorial assistant. Which means that actually meeting and talking to the senior editor at WHC did little good. No matter what I am told about the process, I still feel like I’m fumbling around in the dark.

Anyway, I’m over it in another 3.5 seconds. I’ll probably wait until after WFC to put her out there again.

All in all, Regionals was pretty good, at least for me. The hotel was a bit of a disappointment, but I really didn’t see the nice side of Redlands, San Bernardino, or Higthland. The tournament didn’t seem very well organized in my opinion. VOTS does a much better job.

Huckwallas held seed and finished 7th. We were pleased with this. I just hope we have some improvement in the future. It’s slightly exciting for me. I actually have a team jersey. Spiffy, eh? And I got a weird little thrill when reading about our “first team win.” Personally, I did all right. I think I played better last week though. I felt tired and my timing was off. I played decent D and caught a couple of scores, but it seemed like everyone else was doing more than I. Hurt my quadricep Sunday. During our second game Sunday especially, I feared I wouldn’t be able to play. I hope it’s better today, we’ll see.

Ironwood missed Nationals by one point. Drat and damn.

Eric’s done reading Joanne. There’s a few little things I need to fix and then she’s “in the can” if you will. I’ve been writing a bit of Pecos, and organizing my counters. Also thinking about writing some Neopets articles for Neopian Commentary. I suppose it would be nice if I got one of those things done, huh?

Okay, maybe I’m not over it yet…


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