Well, my immediate surroundings are cleaned up. I just can’t look to the right or look down when I turn to the left. This will have to be satisfactory for today. I went shopping at Target today and picked up some iron “Halloween” decorations. My living room is now slightly transformed and I bought a lantern to keep on my desk. I like having a small light on my desk. Especially in the winter time when I write at night more often.

Yes, I’ve decided to try NaNoWriMo this year. After WFC this weekend, Eric and I are invigorated. He did quite a bit of work over the weekend and I’m going to try and churn out 50K of background “stuff” over the next month. It will probably be more like a set of connected short stories, but that can be a novel. Eric counted 22 “working” days in November. That evens out to about 2275 per day. And I have done 0 thus far.

The Con was good. We took in a lot of panels, mulled ideas, weren’t very social, and came home Sunday exhausted.


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