NaNo is going…not so well. At the moment. Eric and I are working in an odd sort of limbo and it is becoming evident that more communication is required. It doesn’t help that I am PMSing like nuts. I’m caught up in trying to force bad plot together when I should try to do character/place vignettes. I suppose I can look at it this way. I have 36,000 words to get it right.

13,333 / 50,000

So, instead of writing this morning I’m working on getting Lucinda and Joanne out the door. Found a promising agent for Lucinda. I was nearly ready to put my cover letter in the mail when I decided to Google ’em. (Google ’em, Mr. Steve! Google ’em!) Good thing I did. The agent I was going to send to is no longer at the agency and they don’t mind having the first five pages and a short synopsis sent with the query. (How short is short? Is three pages short?) As for finding a cold-sub publisher for Joanne, I might be sending to the same five places that usually turn me down. All the big boys don’t want to see stuff from little old me.

Starting to feel better about life. I fear my funk might have infected Eric though.

Eric took yesterday off so I keep forgetting it’s Tuesday.


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