Well, yesterday sucked rocks. League finals. My team, Grapes of Grass, finished third in the season ratings. We were #1 in our pool. We didn’t win a single game yesterday. It was cold, and windy, and rainy. We didn’t have the handlers to cope with that. I played poorly. I just couldn’t get my legs moving. Eric’s team (fourth over all in season play and #1 in his pool) did win one game, and therefore Eric won the dinner bet. Because of the weather, we didn’t even stick around to watch the rest of the games. No glasses upon glasses of beer, no hot dogs.

Came home and watched Frailty instead. We picked it up cheap at Target. I had heard good things about it, and figured it was worth $5.50. I can sum it up in two questions that Eric posed, “Why is it called Frailty?” and “Why on earth did they decide on that ending?” It was kind of like halfway through the script the writer decided he wanted the most unexpected ending and jammed it on.

Eric has to go into work for a while this morning, hopefully not too long. I need to clean up tourney stuff. Coolers and the like. I’ve given up on Chris and AJ showing up to game. I think out gaming group finally imploded. I look forward to getting back to work tomorrow. On what exactly, I don’t know yet.

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