Pulled apart my NaNo document:

Baeryard Plains: 18,041 words
This is probably the sketchy beginning of a novel. There are points that definitely need work, especially what goes on with the use of magic and the teachings of Treva. Probably not a good idea for these characters to be leaving in the winter, though it is somewhat illustrative of some of the magic.

Clera: 6,021
Character, and setting of industrial, walled magic city. Is Brynn one of those people that heads to the Lands of Fate and takes Clear with? Or is this simply gazetteer info.

Corlind: 3371
Character, and setting of trading town with the Plains. Gazetteer info.

Keir and Teague: 5467
Way off base with so much of this. I really like the characters though. Would be a good illustrative piece for the Plains justice system.

Moths: 3661
First bit needs reworking although I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this trio of vignettes. Except read them whenever I need a chuckle.

Riva: 4162
Total junk. Yup, 4162 junk words… Well, I can salvage the names at least.

Savannahs: 9412
Good stuff though it needs some work. Savannahs and Riva are connected and these might be the basis of a novel completely separate from the quadrilogy that Eric and I have discussed. Or, is this something that the group from the Plain has to deal with as they cross the savannahs?

So, I’m back to 4125 a week, where to start with the rewrite?


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