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  • Did a test mockup of Huckwallas new site — Pauline liked it and said that I “should totally take the lead on this.” I am rather annoyed that we won’t have any access to the VOTS site. We have to send everything to Keith who will then up load it. I should be able to manage a bug-free site though.
  • Got 1200 words in.

Today, 1 pm

  • Tidied the bedroom and kitchen
  • Fiddled with Huckwallas page a little more (found a better Flash button thing)
  • Did dishes

Eric and I had yet another long talk about what’s going on with our fantasy world. We’ll get it figured out eventually, probably the day after it’s all done. This is a painful process for all involved.

This afternoon I’m going to do some freewriting about the Baeryard Plains and the archetype of the area. I’m also going to vacuum and clean the bathroom. Eventually I will get around to looking at gaming stuff for tonight. But first, I’m going to eat.