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Had a good birthday. Probably one of best in recent memory. Eric took the day off (unrelated to the occasion). We did a little shopping and picked up the extended Return of the King and a 256 flash drive that was on sale for $30. (And we might get a $10 rebate on that!) Had lunch at Golden Gate. We came back and I got my Christmas packages off in the mail, saving me the stress of doing it tomorrow. Went out and ran and threw (instead of going out to practice). Then came back and watched the movie. Chris came over and watched the first half. Had pizza and a few sweets.

As for the extended cut of RotK: The movie I saw in the theater was not worthy of the Oscars it won. This one was. There were so many little connective bits that make it so much better. I wasn’t very excited after I saw RotK. But I’m excited again now.

I was going to write a year-end wrap-up kinda thing, considering I need to do it for Christmas letters, but I’m kind of tired at this point. Christmas cards are the only thing left to do. I’m not going to stress about packages getting to where. At least not this week.


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