Had a very nice day of disc. Successfully threw an inside out forehand that was flat and more than five inches off the ground.

Didn’t get much else accomplished though. Working my way through back bits of ryeleen and did a ton of dishes. Still not dome with either.

We had been up very late last night, mostly about my relationship with my parents. So, Eric and I fell asleep right after dinner only to wake up at about 11:30. It’s too bad he has to work tomorrow.

About me and my parents. Things have to change. I have to be more honest with them and not worry about my status as ‘good daughter.’ Otherwise I just join in the ‘everything is fine’ attitude when everything is damn-well not fine. It saddens me that things that happened nearly ten years ago cast a tremendous shadow over me. I’ve tried ignoring it and it isn’t working.

I should contemplate this more in the daylight, otherwise I’ll never get a good sleep.


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