When I was in Omaha, I scrounged through the books of mine that are still housed on my mothers shelves. I gathered up some classics, which I had been missing (aside: does Chris still have my Gods and Heroes?), and I looked for something light to read on the plane ride back to AZ. THe only novel I had brought with me was Dune Messiah and my brain wasn’t in the mood for it yet. So I took The Night of the Ripper back with me. Finished half of it on the plane and the rest while waiting for buses on Wednesdays. Done with it today. I must say, the ending was a bit disappointing and I was annoyed by too many period cameo characters. Do we really need to have Arthur Conan Doyle involved? Or Oscar Wilde? Or The Elephant Man? I guess it provides a contrast to the many, many other lower class nobodies that pepper the fictitious investigation…

(And where did I misplace No Life for a Lady? I had it when I was at the dentist. Maybe it’s still in my bag…)

So anyway. Eric’s playing EverCrack and suggested I take the night off too. I’ve been reading. It’s an occupation that I enjoy, but I just can’t get comfortable tonight. Put a dent into Dune Messiah, but I think I’ll switch to something less taxing for a while. Probably the aforementioned No Life for a Lady if I can find what I did with it.

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