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Fish Adventure #1
I’m looking for good fish dishes. Fish is so good for me, but I just don’t like it. Therefore Eric and I will be heading out on a series of ‘fish adventures’. Last night was the first. We had Killer Fish Burgers at Ruby Tuesday. First, the price was rather high for tilapia. This is a fish I can buy at the grocery store for much less than decent steak. Why is it more expensive than a ‘steak’ burger? The rémoulade sauce was orange-ish in color and spicy without much other taste. And that pretty much sums up the whole burger. It just wasn’t tasty. Now, I don’t consider that a bad thing. I don’t like the fishy taste of fish. Eric was less impressed. The texture was mushy. The bun needed to well toasted and a little searing might have done the fish good. It was served with salted-and-peppered fries which were passable. End decision: While I found it an okay meal, it isn’t worth the price. Next up, fish tacos at Islands.

Rented Sin City. The visuals were interesting (Eric was less impressed), but it was kind of, well, boring. The stories were so simple, and the characters had no individual voice. Yes, Clive Owen is ruggedly handsome in the rain, Elijah Wood is creepy with his staring eyes, and Jessica Alba sure can undulate, but shouldn’t these characters be given something to do? At very least, I was hoping for some commentary on the DVD, but as seems to be the distressing trend, the initial rental release has very few special features.


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