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Fish SideTrek

I don’t like tuna (aside from tuna casserole), but I envied Eric’s simple lunch of tuna with Greek vinairgrette on Triscits. I don’t like sardines either, I’ve found, so what else is there on the shelves that is cheap and fish based… Chicken of the Sea Crab-tastic! I tried this product a while back with ranch dressing and I was unimpressed. It’s kind of crab tasting, but rather bland. “It could be good,” I said, “Maybe with mayo and celery and…” So I tried it again. This time I added mayo (necessary for holding it together as well as for flavor), Salad Toppings, salt and pepper, and a little cheddar cheese. I’m the sort of person who will add cheese to almost anything, but it didn’t work here. It didn’t ruin it, but it didn’t add to it either. After eating about a third of the mixture I thought to myself, “Jalapeno.” I’ve lived in the Southwest too long… And the jalapeno made the dish. Very tasty, relatively cheap.


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