Had a brief panic this morning. I looked at the clock and it was 9:15 and Eric was happily snoozing beside me. But wait! Wasn’t it Monday? Isn’t Eric late for work??? But, no. It’s Labor Day and he’s off. So I retrieved my copy of Fantasy and Science Fiction (Oct/Nov) and read Peter S. Beagle’s “Two Hearts” in bed. It was wonderful and sad, and I would have had to write Mr. Beagle personally if Molly and Schmendrick hadn’t been involved in some way, but I shouldn’t have worried.

And now, I’ve eaten a couple of pieces of cold pizza, and I’m watching tennis (it would almost be a shame if Malisse loses this match, he’s working so hard), and I don’t want to work today like Eric and I had planned. Another day off! I’ll work tomorrow! Last week was pretty good. I managed over 4125, which was nice. But it will be hard to shake today’s lethargy.

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