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Fish Adventure #3
AZeats came in handy last night when finding out fish adventure destination. Not only did The Seafood Market & Restaurant have prices listed on their on-line menu, but we scored a coupon as well. I was tempted by a dill catfish special, but Eric and I stuck to our at-home picks: Fish Tacos for him, and Fish Fajitas for me. Both were very good, made from a mild white mystery fish. There seemed to be two main differences between our meals. Eric’s had corn tortillas where mine had flour, and Eric’s fish was slightly more seasoned. Otherwise, we both had a good helping of sauteed onions and peppers as well as sour cream and avocado. I would have like a little more avocado, but that’s a minor complaint. Both entrees were served with salad, bread, rice pilaf, and black beans. That made the price livable. The salad was pretty standard and the salad dressing were kind of odd. My honey mustard seemed mayo based and Eric’s Italian may have contained cocktail sauce. The bread and rice were good. The beans were also pretty standard, but dressed up with a helping of jack cheese. But that’s okay. It’s the fish we’ll be going back for.

Annoying. I ripped The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack, but it’s not showing up in Media Player under Danny Elfman. Or under any artist I can see. Curve’s Doppelganger ripped just fine.


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