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Eric has tasked me with getting 10K done this month. I needed to be tasked…

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
5,053 / 10,000

776 done today, and it seems to be a good day to kill off characters, major and minor.

Rob Zombie – “I’m Your Boogie Man (techo remix)”
Tomoyasu Hotei – “Battle Without Honor or Humanity”
Rob Zombie – “Brickhouse (Commodores cover)”
KMFDM – “Urban Monkey Warfare”
Rammstein – “Feuer Frei!”
Rasputina – “Tourniquet (Marilyn Manson cover)”
Drain STH – “Simon Says”
Marilyn Manson – “Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics cover)”
kidneythieves – “zerospace”
Zug Izland – “Fly”
Sisters of Mercy – “Marian (Version)”, “Some Kind of Stranger”, Vision Thing
The Crow Soundtrack
Machines of Loving Grace – Gilt

Dunno if we’re going out to play disc at Intel tonight, but my guess is no. Eric wants to rotate the tires. Plus, we’re behind on Fish Adventures. That reminds me:
Fish SideTrek #2
Eric bought some Beach Cliff herring that he didn’t like. I tasted it and thought it was pretty good. Okay, it didn’t taste like fish so I was happy. I’m going to try the kind with peppers in it next. Maybe it will add some nice bit of taste.

‘Course all of this makes me want fish tacos from Islands. Mmm… Fried fish…


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