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So, I’m up to 1031 words a day. Not bad for a 0 day in there. Now to catch up on some web comics. And then read something. I finished up Dune Messiah on the plane. I don’t own Children of Dune yet, and wouldn’t you know it, I’m itching to read it. Eric bought Graham Joyce’s Requiem at the con and read it in a day. I think I’ll take my turn at it since none of my other reading material is compelling.

And for the record, I did get most of the bags unpacked, my grant report done, and a nice walk in. Tomorrow is doomed to unproductivity.

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  1. najud

    Not bad for having World Fantasy in there

    There was more of an obstacle than just a zero day. There were really four zero days. Very little writing got done at World Fantasy. At least you’re not a cheater like some other people are.


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