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Okay. First I’ll tackle Writing 2005.

After NaNoWriMo 2004, Eric and I were going to take six months to worldbuild. Instead we took off about three and started writing Model Species in March. This has been the most ambitious writing project yet. Writing brought out what things we needed to develop in the world, by necessity. This meant lots of rewrites. Model Species has also been painful for me because this is our biggest collaboration yet. It’s hard for me to accept I’m not good at every aspect of this writing stuff. Maybe if I hadn’t fought so hard sometimes we’d have more done by now. I have definitely learned a few things about Eric’s critical style (little sucrose, lots of practical) and I hope this process will continue become smoother.

The numbers:

Model Species: 92,807
Rewrite doc: 14,724

Fueleater (aka NaNo 2005): 25,764
Rewrite doc: 1900

RPG journals: 18,960
I kind of gave of counting these in March.

Other exercises: 1869

Comparing that with last year’s #s, I’m about 50K short. But… Comparing what I did this year on novels only with last year’s novel and NaNo total, I’m much more competitive.

On the submission end of things:
Lucinda at the Window gathered 9 agent rejections.
Pas de Chat brought me one publisher rejection and 8 agent rejections.

Back later with Books 2005.

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Two work-related observations of the morning:
1.) I use the phrase “at least” too much.
2.) There are so many things described as blue in Model Species that someone is going to think it’s significant. The question is, is it significant? Then again, maybe I shouldn’t ask that. Eric might find a reason why things *shouldn’t* be blue…

I’m doing writing work because I’m procrastinating house work. I’ll get around to doing those end of the year wrap-ups when I’m procrastinating writing…

No Eric home for lunch yet. Wonder if he’s just going to skip it and come home early. His last plan included taking tomorrow off.

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In the year 2006 I resolve to:
Forget my New Year’s Resolution.

Get your resolution here

That sounds about right.

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I didn’t spend much time in my apartment today, and what I did spend here I pretty much wasted…

Writing: None.

Exercise: Longer than usual Wednesday disc session, harder too with both Cayla and Natalie running me around. Also walked a mile to meet up with Eric at The Vine to watch the Alamo Bowl. (Huskers won! Yay! Screwy game though…)

Food: Granola bar, eggnog, kippers on crackers, chips, some chicken wings, most of a cheese quesadilla, and about half of a spinach dip, two Long Island ice teas.

Other: Got some bills out. Shaved my wookie legs.

Fun: Neopets.

I’m taking a book and going to bed now.

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My computer is back in mostly working order aside from moving all my music back on to it and playing with all the settings on everything.


Writing: Nothing

Exercise: A walk to CVS to buy yet more after Christmas stuff. Looking forward to disc tomorrow.

Food: Granola bar, yogurt, some chips, french bread pizza, small bit of marzipan, nachos, a fish taco, an apple. Was craving salt today.

Other: Tidied.

Fun: EQ. No really, I was testing my video driver installation!

Finished American Gods and No Life for a Lady in rapid succession. I’m trying to get *cough* 20 books read by the end of the year. I’m still undecided on Gods. There are parts that are clever, and I love a good con, but I’m not sure I buy the basic premise. I mean, no one worships old gods anymore, here in America or across the Atlantic. Eric pointed out that he also missed some good material in urban legends. But I guess this is what happens when one has been formulating theories on religion and belief for a while, and gods have little to do with either. Loved No Life for a Lady. Agnes Morley Cleaveland had a great voice and imparts history in the form of “I was there.” The books covers the rise and fall of New Mexico cattle baronies. It’s a book I’m glad I stumbled across.

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Computer problems. Time for a restore, it seems. Oh joy.
Here goes nothing…

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The holiday was lazy.

Writing: Nothing aside from a small amount of talking last night about a new layer/subplot. Don’t quite know how I’m going to execute it yet.

Exercise: Got out and threw around yesterday, but that’s it.

Food: One of my meals over the weekend consisted of cookies.

Other: I did some dishes and tidying on Saturday.

Fun: Made a new EQ character. She’s already lvl 16. We worked on Peepville characters, but that was overshadowed by the group starting a Traveller campaign. A very intriguing Traveller campaign.

Calls were made on Sunday to wish everyone happy holidays. We got the Ueding’s package on Friday, filled with goodies of the non-eating kind. All was good though I hear rumors that my mom might quit school.

Today, I need to get back to work until the next three day weekend. The carpet really needs to be vacuumed. And I might head to CVS for exercise to check out what they have left for Christmas stuff.

We might get rain over the weekend.